Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Electronic

MCSWEENEY is 38 year old Electronic Music Producer Ian McSweeney.

A melody based Electronic Dance Music composer lives and works in Bridgewater Nova Scotia Canada.

Currently developing a long list of original piano compositions and transforming these original works into the realm of EDM and it's related genres.

Born in Moncton New Brunswick. Formative years spent in Thompson Manitoba. Has lived and worked across Canada over the past 20 years. Returned to the maritimes in 2006 where he is happily married to his wife Amanda and father to three children.

Ian McSweeney simply known in the EDM world as brings a fresh new sound to the decks and the airwaves. Melodic and technical best describes the intricate sounds of this 38-year-old Canadian east coast producer. His big flowing melodies set to heavy driving kicks are the signature sounds of this new and rising talent. Hard-hitting tracks that are packed with sonically ear pleasing hooks are just a few of MCSWEENEY’s calling cards. Classical in his writing style combined with his punchy bass lines woven into a nirvana of synths are modeled after his lifelong passion for composing music and playing the piano. Originally inspired by the pioneers of early Synthesizer music and the legends of house and trance music,

MCSWEENEY is the new generation of musician that will make an impact for years to come on the international music scene. Expect to hear much more from this Canadian talent!