Mel Farrimond
Mel Farrimond - Moon Song
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Celtic, Country, Folk, Singer-Songwriter

Mel Farrimond is a Scottish-born singer-songwriter, whose introspective folk songs, heartfelt, intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies are earning her a loyal following. A Halifax resident, Mel has played shows in Canada, the US and the UK. A few performance highlights include Stanfest, the Harmony Bazaar Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Folk Alliance in Memphis. Mel has also produced and hosted the Songbird (formerly Bluebird) North Songwriter Showcases in Halifax for the Songwriters' Association of Canada. Mel's first full-length album, Through the Darkness, is a journey from the dark to the light, full of exquisite songs both haunting and hopeful, sung in a voice at once strong and vulnerable. Mel is currently working on songs for her forthcoming EP.

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