Natalie MacMaster
Natalie MacMaster - Three Reels
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Bluegrass, Celtic, Folk, Traditional

There’s something wildly liberating in having nothing left to prove, no creative stone to overturn or commercial hurdle to clear. Such a rarefied status allows an artist to make the kind of music she wants to make.

Sketches is Natalie MacMaster’s 11th solo record—named in deference to the space surrounding these radiant songs— it is a portrait of MacMaster as gifted songwriter and intuitive song stylist. It is also her first recording to feature fiddle with guitar not piano as is customary with Cape Breton fiddle music.

“I am thrilled with this record. Sales, radio play… none of that matters,” MacMaster offers when asked to describe what success will look like. “Success with this record has already happened. Even though the record is simple, it brings complexity of emotion and musicality. There’s sweetness and softness and sorrow and strength and power and everything. That is what Sketches is.”