Nikkie Gallant
Region: PEI
Genre: Indie, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Nikkie Gallant is a singer/songwriter from Summerside, PEI. She writes and performs heart-aching indie pop songs featuring lush vocals and tremolo-laced electric guitar sounds. She has been noted for her work, earning multiple Music PEI Awards nominations, including Songwriter of the Year.

Nikkie has released two studio albums to date, with a third to be released shortly. Produced by Nathan Wiley, Subtle Motions is a sonic exploration of the complexities of relationships and life. With a more adventurous sound than her previous albums, it takes the listener on a journey. Opening with a song that reflects the end of an unhealthy situation, it proceeds with the unfolding of new feelings – with all of the lovely longings involved, then moves on to the crushing twins of heartache and grief. With a synth-driven pop sound, Subtle Motions showcases Nikkie’s musical evolution.