Paul Gartland
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: ["Celtic","Country","Folk","Gospel","Jazz","Pop","Pop-Rock"]

As a drummer and supporter of the music industry in Cape Breton, Paul has worked extensively as a volunteer at the Louisbourg Playhouse and Fortress of Louisbourg Association in a variety of capacities. Currently the Chair of the Louisbourg Playhouse Society, he has been instrumental in broadening the genres of performances, but has kept the east coast focus on established, as well as new, performers in Atlantic Canada.

During his teens and early twenties, Paul was the coordinator of 18th Century Field Music at the Fortress of Louisbourg, and has taken a rudiment-style of play to 'weekend warrior' fun with friends Scott Phillips, and Terry Peters.

As the principal of George D. Lewis School in Louisbourg, he has made the performing arts an integral part of the school's culture - whether it is developing the performing arts in the school or providing opportunities to experience presentations and shows at the Louisbourg Playhouse specifically for the student population or bring workshop musicians to the school, helping youth fulfill their musical aspirations is of personal importance.