Ocean Playground
Ocean Playground - Drink & Sing Together
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Celtic, Folk, Roots

OCEAN PLAYGROUND is a new six-piece Contemporary Roots/Celtic group whose member’s collective touring resumes span continents and decades. What was meant as a one-off collaboration for five concerts during the 2021 Nova Scotia Summer Fest Kitchen Party Tour resulted in the creation of a new musical group. In line with the concept that there is strength in numbers, Ray Mattie, Anna Ludlow, Decota McNamara, Pete Davison, Scott Ferguson and John Chiasson have joined forces to create a powerful presentation performing their catchy original songs and paying homage to some of Nova Scotia's and the UK's musical trailblaizers. The band features three lead vocalists, mandolins, fiddle, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, banjo and a rock-solid rhythm section. Their immediate musical and performance chemistry can be heard on their debut album “Live in Halifax” recorded in Parade Square on August 21, 2021 for a covid regulated crowd of 250 people.

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