Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Pop

On Ephemeral, Rich Aucoin takes his past three years of relentless worldwide touring and distills all of the big ideas philosophy majors like him love to ruminate on into 10 sharp dance-pop songs all pointed toward the same goal: to gather the things that keep us afraid and apart, and use them to pull us together.

Everything Aucoin does feeds into another thing, needing air and water and a light show to really be seen—there are songs that match videos that stop in time for the parachute to unfurl—there are so many devoted and curious fans getting under them now, that Aucoin has to custom order them for size. “He’s already holding stadium-calibre, interactive live spectacles in the confines of clubs,” marvelled CBC Radio 3’s Grant Lawrence in 2012. “Imagine what this Halifax electro-imagineer could do in a hockey arena?”