Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Electronic, Indie, Pop

Halifax-based songwriter Rich Aucoin embarked on a cycling tour across America in the Spring of 2018. Primarily in isolation, Aucoin was writing and demoing material while travelling state to state, getting a personal glimpse of Trump's America unfiltered by social media. One year later, Aucoin turned his demos and personal reflections into his 4th album, United States, his most prolific, pop driven release to date. Co-produced by Joel Waddell and mixed by Howie Beck (Charlotte Day Wilson/River Tiber), Aucoin examines America’s social-political landscape through songs that pull gospel solos, big band instrumentals, and powerhouse vocals into a pop framework that looks to challenge the worlds broken system at every turn.

Limiting himself to small ensemble of 16 performers, Aucoin enlisted the vocal talents of Kyla Charter (Patrick Watson/July Talk), Simone Denny (Love Inc.), James Baley (U.S. Girls), Maylee Todd (Maylee Todd) and Tarik Henry, along with Jeff Mosher (The Mellotones) on saxophone and Jason Vautour on guitar. United States ignites the spirit of protest with anthemic choruses, soulful chants and dynamic guitar and bass lines. Even two years after writing and demoing first began, there’s still a nowness to the subject matter on United States. This collection of songs is a history lesson in how we’ve fought for equality throughout time and will continue to do so, shouting and dancing along the way.

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