Atlantic Disc and DVD
Region: Newfoundland and Labrador
Genre: Acadien, Alternative, Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic

Formed over 12 years ago as MMS Atlantic the newly minted Atlantic Disc and DVD is  a local leader in CD, DVD, and media manufacturing services.

Atlantic Disc and DVD is still being run by Robert Buck who has over 23 years experience in the Atlantic Canadian Music industry. Atlantic Disc and DVD offers un-compromised customer service and support.

As a leader in media manufacturing Atlantic Disc and DVD is able to offer all forms of media duplication including CD, DVD, Vinyl,and a whole host of print and packaging options.  

Atlantic Disc and DVD has sourced fantastic rates for Mastering from Joao Carvalho mastering and they work with many of the best designers in the region on a regular basis. Atlantic Disc and DVD offers an unprecedented level of manufacturing versatility and excellence to the Atlantic Canada market.

It’s all about service. The key is to access manufacturing in a manner, which adds value and convenience to the local community. Atlantic Disc and DVD provides the greatest range of products and services, at the most competitive prices possible.

Some of our fantastic clients include: John Gracie, Ennis, Dave Gunning, JP Cormier, Bruce Guthro, Charlie A’Court and literally hundreds more from all styles and genres!