Robyn Slade
Region: Newfoundland and Labrador
Genre: Country, Pop

An old soul beyond her years, Robyn Slade from Newfoundland Canada, made her mark in the music industry at fourteen years old with the release of her first original song "I Know who She Is", telling an emotional love story of an elderly man visiting his wife in a nursing home who has Dementia. Her heartfelt country song snowballed overnight on Facebook and a few days later trended #36 on YouTube capturing the hearts of many worldwide.

At fifteen, Robyn released her second single "Saviour" through uploads to Facebook and YouTube. The country-rock song with a hint of blues, depicts the ultimate desire of the human soul. Within a month of its release, " Saviour" was picked up by the Perth Australian Facebook page YouFindMusic Share Your Sound, and has climbed over 130,000.00 views between Facebook and YouTube.

At sixteen, Robyn released her third single " Hey". The powerful duet Featuring Clint Curtis, tells an emotional story of a daughter meeting her father for the first time at eighteen years old. Like her other two singles, "Hey" snowballed on social media and is set to be featured in the full length film documentary " Erasing Families", premiering 2019.

At seventeen, May 13th/ 2019 Robyn released her fourth single “Hurt Locker “ from her upcoming debut album. The song focuses on mental health issues of depression leading to suicide with a powerful message to reach out, you are not alone. Her song in just a few weeks  has been shared by thousands throughout the world including PTSD, first responders, amd mental health organizations. Robyn accepted an invitation to co-host and perform “Hurt Locker” live at an annual Nation wide Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Walk in Haymarket,VA United States,  Sept  28th /2019.

May 30th/ 2019 , Robyn released her debut album “The Way I See It” 

Robyn continues to captivate her audiences young and old with  her soulful, story telling songs through live performances and uploads to social media.