Rum Ragged
Rum Ragged - Ladies Man
Region: Newfoundland and Labrador
Genre: Celtic, Folk, Roots, Singer-Songwriter, Traditional

Rum Ragged is not your run-of-the-mill folk band, but they are the genuine article. Formed by Aaron Collis and Mark Manning in 2015 the members hail from separate outport towns upon the island of Newfoundland, one of the world’s richest hubs of folk and traditional music nestled at the easternmost point of North America. Brought together by their shared passion for collecting and arranging the undiscovered traditional songs and tunes of their home, Rum Ragged brings the music to new heights while keeping their roots in the past and their eyes on the future. These champions of the East Coast music bring the house down with their signature brand of Celtic-tinged Newfoundland folk. With a reverence for their roots, combined with a creative, contemporary edge, this young band have quickly become the finest purveyors of a great living musical tradition You will find it all in their touching ballads, spirited shanties, and fierce jigs and reels, which they deliver with a swagger and command of their craft that is far beyond their years.