Samantha Power
Samantha Power - When You're Mine Again
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Country

Samantha Power is an energetic 25 year old singer/songwriter from Timberlea, Nova Scotia. Samantha lives for love and sunshine. She preaches positivity and finds the silver lining on any raincloud. Growing up on the East Coast of Canada has instilled in Samantha an appreciation for coastal beauty and the bohemian lifestyle.

Power works hard to incorporate all of these into her music: positivity, love, sunshine, coastal flare and bohemian living. Her newest single, ‘Trains, Planes and Moving On’ is a reflection of all of these elements.

“’Trains, Planes and Moving On’ is one of my favorite songs to date! It’s about the wonderful changes that come with love. Something special happens when a person falls in love with the beauty in life and forgets the need to run away. I’m excited to draw on the happy, feel-good instrumentation that is common in the Maritimes and make it my own for this song.”

Anyone who knows Samantha can testify to the strength she brings to every day. Samantha sees each day as a special chance to learn, grow and draw on the beauty around her. This perspective gives Power the ability to write and perform in an authentic way. She seeks to genuinely relate with every fan through her music, giving her a special connection to the world around her.

Parents, Maurice and Cydney, often talk of their daughter’s drive and ambition. Her desire to entertain and perform began as soon as she could talk.

“Samantha has always been an enthusiastic performer. It centered her and helped her to focus. Performing has created a sense of urgency in Samantha. She always needed to do better. She has constantly improved because she wanted to. She needed to. Even as a child, she needed to be better than she was the day before. We admire her so much for her passion and drive.”

Samantha achieved a degree in Radio and Television from Nova Scotia Community College while pursuing a career in country music.

“I think that working on radio and television was the best choice I could have made. I have a deep appreciation for other industries that work closely with music. I learned a lot about myself – my strengths and weaknesses – while at NSCC.”

Since signing with VMG Entertainment Group in 2012, Power has quickly taken country music by storm. Samantha regularly meets with top writers and producers in Nashville, Tennessee, as she works on her debut full-length album.

“Being in Nashville is the greatest. It never gets old. I cannot explain what it is like to be totally and completely immersed in music. I eat, sleep, breathe music while I’m down there.”

Samantha is influenced by the greats. She draws from artists such as Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Jewel, Alison Krauss and Martina McBride.

“I was raised on the classics. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s important that music today remains heavily influenced by Patsy and Dolly. They defined county music for women and I want to always always always honor them in the music that I write and record.”

Samantha Power looks forward to what the near future has in store for her.

“It has been a wild ride so far. I’ve already gotten so much out of music and I can’t wait for more chances to give back.”

Power currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she continues to seek inspiration, write and perform while not on the road.