Joe Grizzly
Region: Newfoundland and Labrador
Genre: Alternative, Blues, Rock

Formed in April 2015, Joe Grizzly is a groovy blues mashup of St. John's and Mount Pearl. Mike Simms leads the band on vocals/rhythm guitar alongside Mike Moyst on lead guitar. With Griffin Simpson and Shaun McCabe on bass and drums, respectively.
Their first release, "Daze Off", was released November 2015.(https://joegrizzlyandthewildli...) The album features a collection of early songs with the band trying out different sounds. And a music video for instrumental track, "Ropewalk Lane", that was shot, edited and starred by the members of the band.

With their first LP, "Uproarious", set to be released under Brokest Records, February 2017. Joe Grizzly has found their sound with this collection of songs.

Catch a couple live performances and other videos on their YouTube page. (

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