Fantasie Musical Instruments
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: ["Acadien","Alternative","Americana","Bluegrass","Blues","Celtic","Children's","Classical","Country","Electronic","Folk","Francophone","Funk","Gospel","Hip Hop","Indie","Jazz","Metal","Pop","Pop-Rock","R&B","Reggae","Rock","Roots","Singer-Songwriter","Ska","Soul","Traditional","World"]

At Fantasie Music, we're happy to provide a wide selection of books, instruments, and accessories at TAX included prices for ECMA members. Everything is brand new 2018 models and price matched from L&M and online so you save 15%

We offer a variety of brand name instruments, equipment, and other accessories to complement your music playing. If we don't have what you're looking for, or your desired item is out of stock, let us know exactly what you need and we will be happy to put in a custom order for you.

What's new:
Quilter Labs
Yamaha Guitars & basses, Professional Audio Speakers & mixers, Digital pianos and keyboards, electronic drums and Violins.
Keeley Pedals
One Control
Voodo Lab
Alvarez Guitars
MONO cases

And the list goes on.....

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