Sue McBride
Sue McBride - Oak Island Gold
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Children's, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Traditional

Sue McBride is a talented folksinger/songwriter with the "voice of an angel". Her musical compositions are known for moving lyrics, poetic imagery, memorable melodies and an overall positive vibe.

A master educator with a multitude of creativity and talents, Sue McBride, is a former graduate and vocal student of Dalhousie University Music Department, toured with Young Neptune Theatre Company, studied Music Theatre at the Banff Centre of the Arts, and has several advanced degrees in education from Mount St. Vincent University. Her soulful singing and original compositions are deeply reflective of her life’s experiences living and working in Halifax. She also draws inspiration from her work with children.

In the upcoming release of her new album, Sue McBride, Treasure of the Earth and Sea, Sue will be accomplishing a lifelong dream and a work of love. She hopes this accomplishment will be an inspiration to others, to do what they love most, and to find true happiness, contentment, and fulfillment in it.


“I don’t know if you have heard Sue McBride, she’s absolutely great, just coming into the music world, and I mean a winner! I heard her on Frank Cameron seaside radio.” ~Marilyn~

"Heard your new vocal about Nova Scotia on the radio today and loved it. Good luck!" ~Sharon~