The Brood
The Brood - Birthday
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Rock

The Brood blend the bizzaro vibes of Devo, The B52s and Frank Zappa, guitar riffs that recall the everyman blues brilliance of Chuck Berry, a bit of Genesis’ synthscapes, and Ween’s Wit. The Brood are flying their freak flag high at the forefront of their very own 21st century East Coast sound; one that draws from the artistic innovation of the past while keeping its grooves decidedly in the spectacular and radical now.

The band who claim, cryptically, to have met in “Room 2254” take their name from Canadian horror legend David Cronenburg’s 1979 thriller, but the most terrifying thing about them is their supernatural ability to craft addictive hooks. Every member of The Brood – Seamus Erskine (guitars/vocals), Billy Taylor Habib (bass/vocals), Siobhan Martin (keys/vocals) and Matt Gallant (drums) – have been making music since they were kids. And while they might sing it in ther embattled Deranged Love standout, rest assured you’ll never find The Brood “giving up on rock ‘n roll.”)

Their growing legion of fans have embraced The Brood’s two indie EP’s and are anxiously awaiting the release of their first full length recording, Transistor.

The Brood are Halifax’s latest musical torchbearer’s – a band the rest of the world should keep an eye and ear out for.

“They have a healthy balance of tongue-in-cheek much-rock such as ‘Chicken Cheese & Beer’ country banger ‘Dunvegan’, and the sleaze prog of ‘Shackin’ Up In Tijuana’… We wouldn’t put it past them to support a major band on a world tour soon. “ – Gigwise

“A track like “Chicken Cheese Beer” kicks your teeth out from the opening riff of the album. Screeching guitars, a marching bass line, and spaced out keys come together to create a new wave sound that would have Devo shitting their over-sized yellow Hazmat suits.” – Halifax Bloggers

“Loud and endearingly forceful” – Exclaim

“The Brood are the most interesting and exciting live band I’ve seen in Halifax in years!” – Joel Plaskett

“Offbeat humour, tight playing and sharp song construction that hovers in the realm of acts like proto-new-wave band Sparks, art rockers Pere Ubu and Frank Zappa’s challenging weirdness.” – Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald

“The Brood is an interesting beast. What I’d describe as off-kilter jazz-tinged surf-rock, the band takes old school rock and spins it on it’s head. It’s feel-good music that makes you want to dance but it’s anything but cookie cutter.” Tunes For Tea