The Royal North
The Royal North - Goodbye Alibi
Region: PEI
Genre: Pop-Rock, Rock

"The Royal North combine anthemic choruses with a sweet symphony of crashing cymbals and deft rock guitars. Their sound is infectious, their style is impregnable. In fact, if they were Mike Tyson, they would surely eat your children."

Chris Pride

  • Morning show host 95.1 CFCY
  • Host/ Founder of East of the Dial podcast

"The Royal North are a hi energy band that ups the intensity in any room. Their pop sensibility and talent are a refreshing sound today. The future sounds / looks bright for this band. Can't wait to follow their progress. Make PEI proud."

David Rashed,

- Canadian rock band Haywire

"Legitimate players with everything in their toolbox to craft an amazing sound"

Kirk MacKinnon

  • Morning show host New Cap Radio, Ocean 100

The Royal North are one of the hardest working , Bad Ass, real rock n roll bands in Canada !

Ryan Blake,

  • CK Music

"This collection of songs soundtracked my entire summer. From the first time I saw them play on their home turf, I’ve been hooked (pun intended). Their song “Radio” made me leap out of my seat to capture video on my phone, These guys have all the parts to build a solid rock and roll machine, and are winning hearts and minds every time they play"

Brad Machry

  • True North Records

"Hunter S. Thompson, a man who's words hold much more weight than mine, had a particular modus operandi when it came to his approach on life. He said:

"Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested."

That's damn near perfect. Just needs a little Royal North on the radio."

Joee Adams

  • Q93 Morning show host
  • Founder east of the dial