The Town Heroes
The Town Heroes - Please, Everyone
Region: Cape Breton
Genre: Alternative, Rock

The Town Heroes are a 4-piece Alternative-Rock band known for crafting catchy, thoughtful songs. They've toured the world, released three critically acclaimed albums and won an array of industry awards. Anthemic choruses, 3-part harmonies, tender falsettos and big drums highlight their riff driven, dirty-yet-nuanced barrage of sound. On stage they move like intense caricatures – soaked in sweat, pushing every chord, note and beat to the limit. A structured wall of sound emerges; familiar yet distinctive. Their music is a perfect soundtrack for contemplating life with a bounce in your step.

For the past 6 years, TTH have played as a duo – captivating audiences with their remarkably full sound and energetic performances. With a desire to push the envelope even more, in November 2016 the band expanded to become a 4-piece. The new lineup reflects and effectively captures the growth, vision, and musical maturity of the band

The Town Heroes Team:

MANAGEMENT: Jon Landry, GroundSwell Music,, (902) 877-1301

LABEL: GroundSwell Music,

BOOKING AGENT: Jason MacIsaac, The MacIsaac Agency,, (902) 452-1540

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