Region: New Brunswick
Genre: Rock

The sound could not be contained

The songs could not be restrained

Words and woes could not remain

On a page

Or worse:

Detained inside a middle-aged brain

Begging to be unchained

In a momentous refrain

And so alone or in twos

Or in threes, or fours, or fives

Many have gathered over time

And wound up justified

By a common, singular drive:

To orchestrate and align

Frequencies that once combined

Will resonate until they find

The goal of their design:

To stir souls

Warm hearts

And liberate minds

It may be fitting that their inception

Was a slight, quaint garage

Facing southward in direction

Youthful, plain and pale

On the outside

Yet quite another tale

Lined the inside

Its walls and floors displayed

Glimpses of an untold history

Its battle scars a mystery

War wounds from a time now faraway gone

Yes, all that would remain

From the long forgotten days

Of a wiser, simpler age

Was caged

Until the dawn of a new song

The mates who would grace its stage

Who had gathered from afar

Would find a name to fit the face

Of whom they are:


Four heartbeats

One backbeat

A shared mission with a set vision

Where music conquers all division

Sound cannot be contained

Songs cannot be restrained

And the writer will write

In black on white

From the dawn of first light

Into the dark dead of night

Formed in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in October 2012, THE WRITERS are:


PAUL OLDFIELD (Drums, Vocals)

MATHIEU SAULNIER (Guitar, Omni-chord, Vocals)

MARS SAVOY (Vocals, Guitar)