Mahogany Hollow
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Singer-Songwriter

Tyler Cox started Mahogany Hollow during the pandemic after moving to Nova Scotia from Ontario. Cox has over 15 years in the music scene and a diploma from Fanshawes' renowned Music Industry Arts Program.

Mahogany Hollow is a folk duo at its core, featuring Halifax music scene veteran staple David Bradshaw. Tyler sings and plays acoustic guitar while Bradshaw plays mandolin/fiddle/guitar/harmony vocals. The sound of the group is woody, mellow, atmospheric singer songwriter folk but that doesn't limit the duo from rocking out when the time is right. Influences include Watchhouse(formally Mandolin Orange), Gregory Alan Isakov, Milk Carton Kids, The Brother Brothers, Mipso, and all the legends.

The first single for the group is called Leave A Scar and will be released on April 15th 2022. This single will be part of a five song ep that will be released throughout the year.

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