Cut, Split and Delivered
Region: Nova Scotia
Genre: Alternative, Americana, Folk, Rock

Cut, Split & Delivered is a six-piece, Americana-influenced rock band from the South Shore of Nova Scotia. We are an eclectic mix, combining layered (sometimes 4-part) vocals with interwoven acoustic and electric guitars, violin, harmonica and Caribbean percussion. We have a unique sound, and we are like a family after playing together for over ten years. There's love in this band.

We perform a wide range of gigs (from bars to weddings to festivals to charity events), and we play original material combined with a diverse mix of cover songs that we make own through improvisation and experimentation. Our songs come from the heart, and our music is the product of a group of musicians who work in true collaboration.

We have been recording our first album of original material over the last year with Kirk Comstock at Comstock Recording Studios in Lunenburg, N.S., and we are releasing the 12-song, self-titled recording in September, 2021. We can't wait to share these songs. They are about heartbreak and overcoming, they're about wanting to get out of town, and wanting a brand new record to play. They're about being wrong most of the time, and the lap of luxury moving in, and they're about dealing with pain, and loss, and trying for a life we wouldn't want to change. Sometimes, they're just about the jam. Look for it in September.

Band members:
Wanda Baxter(Violin/Harmonica/Guitar/Vocals)
Paul Charron (Drums/Percussion),
Randy Colwell (Acoustic & Electric guitar/Mandolin/vocals),
Stewart Franck (Bass/vocals),
Bruce Jollymore (Acoustic & Electric guitar/Vocals/Harmonica),
Rick Charron (Bongos/Congas).
Cut, Split and Delivered draw from influences rooted in the spirit of Rock, Folk, Psychedelia and Blues.

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