2018 ECMA AGM Announced - Plus Vote On Special Resolution

2018 ECMA AGM Announced - Plus Vote On Special Resolution

The 2018 ECMA Annual General Meeting takes place on Wednesday, September 12 at 6PM at the Delta Hotel in Charlottetown, PE,18 Queen St. All ECMA members are invited to join. 

Below is information on an ECMA Special Resolution, which will be subject to a member vote during the AGM. Please read the information below, including the two linked documents. If you have any questions, please contact kathryn@ecma.com.


Dear members,

This year the ECMA celebrated thirty years as Atlantic Canada’s music industry organization. Looking towards the next thirty years, the Board of Directors has identified the following top line objectives to move the association forwards, namely:

1. Establish a structure that better facilitates long term financial stability. 

2. Develop new revenue streams for robust financial growth.

3. Consolidate the ECMA’s regional leadership role and continue to grow its influence both nationally and internationally. 

4. Continually explore better ways to support its members in the pursuit of fulfilling its mission statement.

In order to meet these objectives, the Board of Directors has and is now recommending a new required update to the structure of the ECMA. The first step saw the adoption of updated by-laws at last year’s annual general meeting. The Board of Director’s is now seeking approval of the next step at this year’s annual general meeting. In order to have a structure that facilitates better long term governance and financial stability, to keep up with modern practices for not-for-profits, and to better reflect the ECMA’s profile as a regional, national and increasingly international organization, the Board of Directors will submit a special resolution at this year’s annual general meeting, which will authorize the ECMA to move from being a Nova Scotia not-for-profit to a Federal not-for-profit under the modern Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. Consequently, the Board is seeking your vote to approve this next step. The special resolution requires the approval of 75% of those present at the meeting. Please read the memorandum prepared by our legal counsel that fully explains the legal process involved, as well as the draft special resolution to be presented at this year’s annual general meeting. 

- Dean Stairs, Chair of the ECMA Board


Prior to the AGM, please review this Memorandum and this document detailing the Special Resolution.