ECMA 2021 & COVID-19

ECMA is taking COVID-19 safety seriously. We are committed to the provincial guidelines for COVID-19 protocols and to everyone's safety while on our worksites.

We have hired independent safety consultants, who through regular correspondence with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and its affiliated or partnered organizations, create, update and manage ECMA’s COVID-19 safety plans. Without an audience or any public access, artists will be recorded at closed worksites. Worksite safety plans are assessed daily and comply with all Nova Scotia Public Health requirements. ECMA will proceed with the worksite and artist recording plans with, and only with, the support of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

ECMA’s COVID-19 safety plan is a tiered approach to a safer worksite. Here is what it includes:

  • A strong relationship and communication plan with the NS Department of Health and Wellness, Public Health, the NS Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, and Events Nova Scotia as applicable and pertaining to ECMA’s COVID-19 safety plans

  • Private recording venues with no public access and limited staff access

  • Physically distanced and controlled worksite zones

  • Timed entry to the worksite to minimize interaction with any other artists

  • A customized, dedicated hygiene/disinfecting program per zone and including all equipment: Entrance/Exits, Washrooms, ECMA Staff Work Zones, Stage, Microphones & Backline and Artist Green Room Zones

  • A web/mobile based worksite Check-In system that facilitates Nova Scotia’s mandatory contact tracing and COVID-19 health questionnaire prior to entering the worksite - applicable to all staff and artists

  • Controlled Entry and Exit to all zones and worksites

  • Managed COVID-19 protocols regarding approved face masks and hand washing and/or sanitizing

If you have any questions on the management or implementation of ECMA’s COVID-19 safety plan as it relates to the recording schedule or worksite, please do not hesitate to connect with us [email protected]

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