Conference Registration

Our Music Means Business. Mentorship, networking and business development are the foundation of the ECMA Conference. Providing opportunities for artists to develop relationships with both their peers and National and International delegates is a hallmark of the program. This year we want to continue to expand these opportunities to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enhance and grow their careers. Check-back in the Fall for updates on ECMA 2020 in St.John's, NL April 29-May 3.


The Music Managers Mentorship is a matchmaking mentorship and networking opportunity is aimed at assisting emerging artist representatives and managers in gaining valuable information, skills, expertise and resources from experienced artist managers. Areas of focus include: strategy and execution in the earlier stages of a career, conceptualizing the appropriate career path, financial and business planning and new and old approaches to new trends and old challenges. Daily peer to peer sessions and group discussions during the ECMA Conference offer valuable insight and practical advice to aspiring artist representatives and music managers of all levels. Applications are now being accepted.


The Self-Managed Artist Mentorship is tailored specifically to self-managed artists in Atlantic Canada. Lead by experienced artist manager, Michelle Conceison, she will be joined by an artist who has successfully transitioned from self-management into a artist-manager relationship. This session will explore strategy and execution in the earlier stages of career development as well as business planning while juggling the role of performer. This session will also provide artists with the tools necessary to transition towards introducing a manager into their future strategy. Applications are now being accepted.


We are also thrilled to announce that our annual Virtual Pre-Conference registration is now open! Don't miss out on an opportunity to hit the ground running. The program was developed by marketing strategy expert, artist and artist manager Lynn Colepaugh, and delivered entirely online. If you are new to attending the ECMAs or if you are a music industry veteran that needs a private brush-up on your skillset, then this video series is for you!

This virtual pre-conference will take you through two key areas to set you up for success:


Setting yourself up for success in 2020.

"Your music is your business. And if you aren't thinking of it that way, then you need to”. Join presenter Lynn Colepaugh as she guides you through strategic setup, marketing fundamentals, and showcase & conference prep to develop your business, prepare for your show or attendance at ECMA 2020 and be ready to do business starting on DAY 1 of the ECMAs"

Format: email, video, handouts


"So you got the tour, now how are you going to promote it? As artists and managers, we can't rely on promoters doing the heavy lifting in getting the word out for shows. Join presenter Lynn Colepaugh as she guides you through a social media marketing campaign from setting up the shows online, words and imagery to use, ads in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ( formats, expectations, etc), social media posts (dos and don'ts), live streams, boosts, fan engagement, working with the promoters and venues and more!"

Format: email, video, handouts

If you took part in last year's pre-conference, you are welcome to sign up again. You can re-watch videos or catch up on the ones you missed!