Jury Hub

Jury Hub

Welcome to the 2024 ECMA Jury Hub! Here, you'll find information, links, and resources to guide you through being a juror for the 2024 East Coast Music Awards.

Each year, the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) solicits help from its membership and industry professionals on a regional, national and international level to build its roster of qualified musicians and industry professionals who act as jurors. ECMA jurors review submissions for our various awards categories and/or showcase opportunities offered during the ECMAs (East Coast Music Awards: Festival & Conference). This is a volunteer position; however you will be compensated for your time and efforts.

Jurors are selected annually based on applicable expertise and experience. The jury process takes place each fall, and you will have approximately three (3) weeks to jury the submissions in the category assigned to you. You will receive jury assignments between the beginning of October and mid-November; more details on these dates will be provided on a year-to-year basis.

Current Updates

  • The Jury process for the 2024 ECMAs has been completed! If you're interested in becoming a juror for next year, please fill out the official ECMA Juror Application Form here.
  • Submission manuals outlining the 2024 criteria for award nominations and showcases are available; you can find and review them here.

No longer interested in being a juror? Remove yourself from the juror pool here.


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