2023-24 Board Announcements

Following the East Coast Music Association Inc. Annual General meeting held November 21, 2023 the Board of Directors is pleased to announce one incumbent, one mid-term appointment and two new elected board members as follows:

  • Cape Breton (incumbent): Debbie Mullins
  • New Brunswick: Krista Touesnard
  • Newfoundland: Jing Xia
  • Prince Edward Island (mid-term elected): Nicole Bellamy

The full 2023 - 2024 ECMA Board is as follows:


  • Chair: Debbie Mullins (CB elected)
  • Vice-Chair (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion*): Delvina Bernard (Awards & Stages, African-Canadian Music Committee**) (NS elected)
  • Treasurer: Shannon Parlee (Appointed NB)
  • Secretary: Jing Xia (Elected NL)


  • Krista Touesnard (Elected NB)
  • Nicole Bellamy (Mid-Term Appointed PE)
  • Eva George (Music/Musique NB Rep)
  • Leonard Pecore (Music NL Rep)
  • Nigel Kearns (CBMIC Rep)
  • Mark Watts (Music PEI Rep)
  • Sarah Jamer (Music NS Rep)
  • Chris Marr (Appointed NB)

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