2023 ECMA Gift Guides

2023 ECMA Gift Guides

We’ve crafted a list of our go-to gifts for the music lovers AND the musicians in your life!

For the music lovers & enthusiasts in your life…

  • Tickets to a local show
  • Their favourite album on vinyl
  • A record player to blast their favourite albums on vinyl (if they don’t have one yet!)

  • Merch to rep their favourite artist
    • Browse all ECMA artists and locate their official websites here!

  • A custom print featuring their favourite song or lyrics
    • Shop local or support a small business on Etsy!

  • A music themed coffee mug for the caffeine obsessed individual in your life

  • Some new noise cancelling headphones or a bluetooth speaker to stream their favourite songs

  • A pair of noise reduction ear plugs for the live music enthusiasts

  • A candle with their favourite scent for a relaxing night in of music listening

  • A music themed book for the reader in your life

For the musicians & industry professionals in your life…

  • Gas & food gift cards for when they’re on the road
  • A good pair of musician plugs to protect their ears

  • A travel mug for coffee & tea on the go

  • Songwriting supplies
    • Pick up a journal from a local store so they write all their ideas down

    • A candle with their favourite scent to set the songwriting mood

  • A music store gift card for all their equipment and instrument needs

  • Their favourite album on vinyl (musicians listen to music too!)
  • Noise cancelling headphones for composing music

  • Get some business cards made for all their marketing needs

  • Support them!
    • Show your love by buying some of their merch or music, streaming their songs online or sharing their music with your family & friends.

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