35th Anniversary Rebrand

Same Values, New Vibe. East Coast Music Association launches new branding in advance of their 35th anniversary celebrations.

The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) has shined a spotlight on the regions’ music industry, preserving and promoting East Coast talent at home and around the world for almost 35 years. In advance of its 35th annual East Coast Music Awards: Festival & Conference to be held in Halifax, NS May 3-7, 2023, ECMA is pleased to unveil a brand new look in celebration of this milestone.

Created in partnership with The Ginger Agency in Fredericton, NB, this new look is bold, energetic, and fluid. Representing not only the sounds created here on the East Coast, but of course the nature of our provinces that are an integral part of the East Coast identity. Constantly moving, emerging, and embracing change.

"As the music industry continues to change, the ECMA ,celebrating our 35th year, is excited to embrace a bold change itself. Although our mission and values remain timeless, it was time to refresh our look. This new look is energetic, and emblematic of the sound and scenery we find ourselves immersed in every day on the east coast. A big thank you to the Ginger Agency in Fredericton, NB for their guidance and work throughout this project. We look forward to a continued partnership as we shine a spotlight on the incredible music from Atlantic Canada." - Andy McLean, CEO, ECMA

"At Ginger, we work with our clients to build meaningful brands. For 35 years, the ECMA has played an important role in developing the East Coast music industry. The Association has a profound impact on our shared cultural identity as Atlantic Canadians. Our team is proud to have collaborated with the ECMA on their new image and a refined clarity of purpose as they continue to shine a spotlight on East Coast Talent." - Andrew Bedford, Co-CEO, The Ginger Agency

As passionate believers in the power of music, ECMA understands the importance of its work. Music helps us celebrate the good times and persevere through the hard times. It helps us remember the important moments and provides a distraction from the moments we’d like to forget. It helps us focus, create and connect. It builds communities, industries and economies.

The soundtrack of our region is diverse. It spreads across all genres, comes from every walk of life, is multi-generational and ECMA wants to continue to celebrate this legacy. We are proud to support musicians who live and work on the East Coast, and will continue this work for years to come, now with a bold new look.

For more information, please visit www.ecma.com.


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