Blog: ECMA Industry Conference In Numbers

The ECMA Industry Conference has been a part of the East Coast Music Awards for almost as long as the Awards themselves, touching on everything from Music Licensing to Breaking Down Racial Barriers. While providing numerous opportunities to build marketing strategies and understand developing areas of the industry, it has also offered musicians the chance to attend pitch training sessions and grasp other tangible skills to further their careers. Through the Industry Conference, ECMA has provided hundreds of artists with mentorship opportunities and the chance to network with a variety of industry professionals that have led to management deals, tour bookings, and international festival plays resulting from the programs at this event.

Since the introduction of the ECMA Export Buyers Program 22 years ago, a select group of artists have been chosen to perform and pitch their music to buyers from around the world in order to grow their music careers outside of Atlantic Canada.

As of 2018, ECMA has also introduced a Wellness program to the conference, focusing on helping artists to prioritize their wellbeing and providing peer support groups in areas such as parenting and sobriety in the music industry.

The ECMA Industry Conference at a glance:

  • Avg Session Attendance: 26
  • Avg number of sessions: 36
  • Avg number of coffees served during the conference: 7588
  • Avg number of networking events: 3-4
  • Avg number of Export Buyers: 100+
  • Number of 1-on-1 meetings booked: 1107*
  • Number of artists booked in new markets: 120*
  • Number of artists increasing existing export bookings: 27*
  • Number of new exporting artists: 68*
  • Number of artists increased export readiness: 151*

*Signifies 2023 stat

How Can You Join?

The ECMA Industry Conference is coming to Charlottetown, PEI, May 1- 5, 2024. With so much opportunity for growth and development, it is a must for artists and industry professionals alike.

Passes are on sale now, get yours here.

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