BLOG: How to make the most of your submission

BLOG: How to make the most of your submission

We know submissions can be a stressful time for artists, whether it is your first time applying or your tenth. You probably find yourself wondering What do they look for? What makes a good submission? How do I stand out? Our membership team gave us their top advice so you can give yourself the best chance at securing that showcase or nomination you’re after!

Here are our tips & tricks on how you can make the most of your submission.

Read the manuals

A new year means new submission criteria! The submission manuals are created specifically as a resource to know how you’ll be evaluated by jurors and what should be demonstrated in your application in order for you to be considered.

Read carefully as the criteria is often updated year to year to better reflect where the industry is at any given time. Changes also depend on the category you’re submitting under, so make sure you’re aware of the differences if applying to more than one! Remember, the jury evaluates you based on these predetermined benchmarks, so if necessary information is left out it can affect your overall score.

All in the details

Once you’ve reviewed the eligibility standards that apply to you, you can begin crafting your application in AwardStage. A few things jurors look for in submissions are clear and concise answers, attention to detail and most importantly, personality. This is their way of understanding you as an artist and your position in the industry, which better helps them to evaluate you for award and showcasing consideration.

A few more details you don’t want to miss that are key to a successful, completed application are making sure you have a clear outline of performance history, a complete list of your business team and a working link to free listenable tracks.

Proofread, proofread, proofread

Once you’re done filling out your application and you think you’re ready to submit, be sure to comb through it a few times first. Keep your eyes peeled for any grammatical or spelling errors and make sure there’s no unnecessary repetition throughout! If this isn’t your strong suit, you can also have a friend look over your application before submitting, another pair of eyes always helps. A well-written, proofread submission makes all the difference.

Ask questions

If you are unsure, or something is unclear, ask us! Our membership team is here to help you with your submission.

You can watch the recording of our submission webinar from Sept 12, 2023 which may answer some of your questions.

You can book office hours with our Membership & Special Projects Manager, Anthony Carew.

Or, if you just have a quick question or are not even sure where to start, reach out anytime to [email protected]!

Don’t forget, award & showcasing submissions for ECMA 2024 in Charlottetown will close on October 3 at 11:59 PM (ADT).

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