Brandon Howard Roy’s Ultimate East Coast Bops

By: Brandon Howard Roy

What's up everyone! My name is Brandon Howard Roy and I am a singer-songwriter proudly based in Charlottetown, PEI, and my debut album Tough Stuff is nominated for Pop Recording of the Year at the 2022 East Coast Music Awards! Shoutout to my fellow nominees, it's a crazy honour to be recognized alongside you all.

When I was growing up, there were two CDs on constant rotation in my family's 95 Honda Accord: ABBA's Gold and Cher's Believe. Hearing them on repeat in my younger years helped me to develop an undying love and passion for pop music that continues today, and as everyone knows, those albums are simply chock-full of bops. It's tough to put a finger one what makes a bop; I would say it's a song so good that the moment you hear it, you can't help but to dance like no one's watching, and sing along like no one's listening.

Making this playlist was no easy feat because the East Coast music scene is PACKED with bops, but I invite you to groove and sing along to these sweet tracks that I love so much as we countdown to the 2022 ECMAs. Enjoy!

Yvette Lorraine - Where did you Go?

Is this song ever NOT stuck in my head? No. Never. Yvette’s voice is gorgeous and it feels like she is warmly inviting you into her story. The song has such a fun video to go with it, and I can’t wait ‘til I have the chance to groove out to this song live because it’s a CERTIFIED BOP.

Izra Fitch - The Hollywood Kids

I first had the privilege of seeing Izra Fitch play at a dive bar in Charlottetown in 2019 and I’ve never had so much fun dancing my little heart out to pop songs while crushing $4 beers - can’t wait to do the same at the pop showcase! I knew instantly that I had discovered one of my new faves, and when Hollywood Kids came out I blasted it all summer long. Lucious production, lyrics, vocals, vibes. CERTIFIED BOP.

Paper Lions - Believer

I first came to PEI in 2014 for some acting work, and on my first Saturday in town Paper Lions was playing an outdoor show in Victoria Park. Finding out they were a local band kind of blew my mind, and they really helped me to discover just how incredibly rich the East Coast music scene was. Fast forward 8 years, Colin is my producer, John is my business mentor and Dave is my drummer, which just goes to show how supportive our Island music community is. Oh, and you only have to listen to the first 5 seconds of Believer to know… CERTIFIED BOP.

Hillsburn - Get High

Hillsburn is another band I’ve been a huge fan of for years and have loved watching and listening to their evolution. Rosanna’s vocals cut straight into my soul and the craftsmanship of their songs is deluxe. I’ve looked up to them for so long, so to be nominated in the same category this year is so wild! Hard to pick a fave, but I think Get High checks the most boxes to be declared a CERTIFIED BOP.

Joce Reyome - Cross My Heart

Joce and I met doing the time honored tradition of dinner theater years ago and have played many shows together over the years. Every time I hear their voice, it feels like I’m hearing it for the first time. Stunning. This is their debut produced by my pal Erin Costelo, and what a team they make. Soul stirring, attitude for days, organ solo, CERTIFIED BOP.

Sorrey - Signs

In Full Bloom might be my favourite record of all time, sorrey not sorrey! (Ha… ha). Emilee’s voice instantly transports me into another world, and I think what I love most about Signs is the way the beat moves so quickly with these chill vocals overtop. I’m always working very hard to come off chill, so structurally, the song and I have a lot in common. Also, please go watch the video for this song right now. It’s the best use of bunny costumes you’ll ever see. CERTIFIED BOP.

LxVNDR - No Way

There’s something so magical about a song with a lick you can hear once and then sing along at the top of your lungs in every subsequent chorus, which I now do in this song every time I hear it. LxVNDR’s is so incredibly versatile, going from gorgeous lyrical lines immediately into fabulous rap, and when it’s all married together with Niimo’s sweet production… CERTIFIED BOP!

Brielle Ansems - I Meant To

Brielle’s voice is already such a gift, and her exemplary songwriting craft is the cherry on top. I cannot get enough of this song, and its cheerful toe-tapping rhythm contrasts so beautifully with the gentle melancholy in the story. “Sometimes I’m exhausted by the mere thought of doing a task” she says “and I end up curled up in bed having accomplished nothing at all, just hoping that having good intentions is enough for now. And, surprisingly, it usually is.” I would say it definitely is because this is a CERTIFIED BOP.

Keeper E - This Is Like Everything

I’m not sure I’ve ever Shazamed a song as quickly as I did the first time I heard This Is Like Everything. The titular line is repeated in this spiraling sort of way that spoke to me instantly, and I think the whole song offers such a unique and refreshing take on anxiety. Also that little breakdown in the chorus hits so good, because this song is a CERTIFIED BOP.

Elmira (Lonely Kid Remix) - The East Pointers

I will never, ever get tired of this remix. I’m already a huge East Pointers fan, and a huge Lonely Kid fan, and together they’re a match made in heaven. With emotional lyrics pining for home set against sweet electronic beats, the song is just meant to be blasted at maximum volume because it’s a CERTIFIED BOP!

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