ECMA Seeks New CEO

After 9 years, Andy McLean will be stepping down as CEO of ECMA. The Board of Directors has hired KBRS to help search for the next CEO to become part of the legacy to promote and preserve the East Coast music industry and culture.

The Ideal Candidate

As the ideal candidate, you have a deep and intimate connection to music and understand its cultural significance. You are committed to improving your community and the world by creating spaces where music is shared and appreciated. You are an experienced and creative leader who is adept at developing initiatives and partnerships that align with shared values. You are good at getting things done. You are an authentic communicator and storyteller capable of building momentum and generating funds to support your vision of success. You lead with integrity, courage and employ good judgment in decision-making.

For more information regarding this opportunity, or to apply, please visit KBRS.CA.

Leadership Opportunity: CEO

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