Jon Hines’ Ideal ECMA Experience

By ECMA, Jon Hines

2022 ECMA Nominee Jon Hines

We asked 2022 East Coast Music Awards nominee and Cape Breton-based jazz and blues artist Jon Hines what his ideal ECMA experience would look like. Wondering which songs get him pumped up before a show? The must-see showcases he’ll be sure to hit up? His favourite Fredericton hot spots? Read along to see just how he’d experience his ideal 2022 ECMAs.

ECMA: Although you’re not personally showcasing this year, there are still many amazing shows to catch all weekend long. What set of songs do you usually turn to to pump yourself up prior to a show?

JH: My top 10 pump-up pre-show songs would be:

1. Andre Pettipas & The Giants - Labels

2. R.G. Schaller - Devil Drives a Ragtop

3. Colin Fowlie - Amusement Park

4. Garrett Mason - Some Sunday

5. Garrett Mason - Howlin’ For My Baby

6. Muddy Waters - Forty Days and Forty Nights

7. Callehan - The Boxing Rock

8. Catherine Kennedy - Sam

9. John Campbell John Trio - The World Is Crazy

10. R.G. Schaller - Root Beer Brown

ECMA: We love to see some east coast excellence in there! Which shows in particular are must-sees for you?

JH: My must see shows are Andre Pettipas and The Giants, and Colin Fowlie.

There are so many shows worth seeing this year, but two that are at the top of my list are ECMA nominated Andre Pettipas and The Giants and Colin Fowlie. Full disclosure, they are friends of mine, but that shouldn’t discourage you from seeing these two.

Andre Pettipas & The Giants are an electrifying, internationally-touring, high-energy band whose music is filled with catchy hooks and well crafted lyrics.

Colin Fowlie is a powerhouse vocalist and songwriter. He is a master of writing beautiful melodies telling your terrible things.

ECMA: Since this year the Festival is happening in Fredericton, NB, are there any local spots you’d specifically recommend?

JH: Tipsy muse is a must stop shop for kombucha, and snacks. Great coffee, great vibe and wonderful owners. Dolans Pub is a staple for downtown Fredericton, you wouldn’t find a better clubhouse in town.

ECMA: Sounds like an awesome ECMA experience. Thanks, Jon!

Want to listen to Jon’s pre-show pump-up playlist? Stream it on Tidal HERE.

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