Side Door Extends Tour Support to 2023 ECMA Artists

Side Door Extends Tour Support to 2023 ECMA Artists

The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is excited to announce a partnership with Side Door, the platform giving agency to artists and turning any space into a music venue, who are extending touring support to ECMA members looking to book shows around the 2023 event in Halifax.

For any ECMA members who are successful in securing a booking through the platform for shows happening in April or May in Canada, Side Door will offer an additional $200 guarantee for the show. The guarantee is in addition to the net ticket revenue split from shows, which is typically 80-90% of the gross revenue.

Artists can create a profile on Side Door’s website, select their desired dates/show locations with a Show Call and connect with Side Door’s music venue hosts directly to book shows. Artists can also use Show Calls to attract new hosts from within their existing fanbases. Artists who have completed this process can notify Side Door for a chance to receive the show guarantee.


  • Artist must create a Side Door profile

  • Artist must create a Show Call for desired location (within Canada) and date (within April and May 2023) (what is a Show Call?)

  • Show Call must be shared publicly on socials and (tag us or use hashtag #ontheroadwithsidedoor), newsletters

  • Show must be booked and ticketed through Side Door, public and in-person, and take place in the months of April or May in Canada (some shows may be subject to the ECMA radius policy - please check with Anthony Carew, Membership & Special Projects Manager at for more info)

The initiative contributes to Side Door’s overarching mission of building a future where live performance is accessible to all by providing artists with a sustainable revenue stream and connecting venue hosts, talent, and audiences.

Artists can apply for any number of Side Door shows as part of this program. Side Door strongly encourages applications from under-represented groups. Applications with diverse programming and shows that promote under-represented voices will be prioritized.

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