Submissions Now Open for 2016 East Coast Music Awards & Stages

Submissions Now Open for 2016 East Coast Music Awards & Stages

Submissions Now Open for 2016 East Coast Music Awards & Stages

Awards & Stages Submissions for Eastlink East Coast Music Week 2016 Now Open

**NOTE** Submissions are now closed. Thank you for submitting.

Awards and stages submissions for the Eastlink East Coast Music Week 2016 (ECMW) in Sydney, NS April 13-17, are now open.

The deadline to submit is 11:59PM AST on Thursday, October 1, 2015. ECMA is pleased to be working with Marcato once again for the submission process.

The 2016 event will see the return of the following stages: Bluebird North Showcase, Rising Star Showcase, Soundwaves Program, Songwriters’ Circle, Breakout Stage and the Canadian Music. East Coast Style. Export Buyers Showcase Series, along with our popular genre showcases.

The ECMA is accepting award submissions in the following categories: Music, Industry and Honorary awards, including the new Dance Recording of the Year category, introduced this year.

We have made several significant changes to the eligibility criteria as well as the jurying criteria to many of our awards. Please be sure to refer to the 2016 East Coast Music Awards & Stages Manual for full details.

There are 30 music awards for 2016. From these 30 music awards, 28 categories will be fully juried and two (2) will be open to public vote. In response to member feedback, this year, the ECMA will introduce a fully-juried process in all categories except the Fans' Choice Entertainer of the Year and Fans' Choice Video of the Year awards that will continue to be voted on by the public. This change will ensure the voting process is transparent and more industry-driven. We anticipate over 180 qualified jurors who are experts in their field in all genres and from all Atlantic regions, throughout Canada and internationally, will jury all award categories to determine this year's winners.

There will be no submission fee for the 12 Industry Awards this year; so feel free to nominate that special someone who has made an impact in the industry. All Industry Awards will be fully juried award categories, and not open to public or member vote.

The eligibility period for the 2016 East Coast Music Awards is from June 1, 2014 to October 1, 2015. Recordings must be released on or before October 1, 2015. Showcase eligibility periods are specified on pages 7-11 of the 2016 Awards & Stages Manual.

ECMA members in good standing will receive one free submission, with subsequent submissions costing $25.

You do not need to be an ECMA member to submit for an award or showcase; however, submission fees are higher for non-members: $40 each. If nominated or chosen for a showcase, you will be required to register as an ECMA member before ECMW 2016.

Member Submission Form: Log in to your member account and find your submission form under "Submissions" from the MyECMA drop down menu. (See photo above). This submission form will give you one free submission with all extra submissions costing $25. If you use the non-member form, you will be charged $40 per submission and will not receive a free submission.

Non Member Submission Form: CLICK HERE for your form [NOTE: Submissions are now closed]. Each submission will cost $40. ECMA considers one submission to be one category. You will need to pay $40 for each category you submit to (with the exception of Industry Awards, which are all free to submit to.)

The Awards & Stages Manual for ECMW 2016 is available here. We recommend everyone use it as the complete reference guide for all awards (music, industry, honourary) and stages.

For those who prefer more light reading, ECMA is pleased to introduce a get to the point Fast Facts guide, in both English and en français. It's the perfect introduction before reading the complete Awards & Stages Manual. The English Fast Facts is available here et le guide rapide des prix et scènes est disponible en français ici.

If you have any questions about the Awards & Stages Manual, or would like to set up an appointment to receive assistance with your submission, please contact Chantal Caissie, Artist & Member Relations Manager via email: or phone: 800.513.4953 ext 226 or 902.423-6770 ext 226.

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